Fathers Day Board Guide Presented by The Perfect Wave

Fathers Day Board Guide Presented by The Perfect Wave


Dads who surf. They're a special bunch. They vary in age greatly and are often found out in the lineup instead of in the man cave. Dads who surf need to be looked after on Father's Day, so whether you're a dad or your dad surfs, we've got together with our mate Timmy from Aloha to find the best boards for any dad.  

In this guide, we've put together a selection of boards for dads covering the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. They are boards that you can use at home or take on your dream surf trip.

Each of our surfing dad's abilities are between intermediate and advanced. 

These product guides are created seasonally to highlight some of the best new products on the market, in commercial partnership with the world's leading surf brands. They are here to educate you about what is available and assist in making your decision easier! 




THIS BOARD: 5'8 x 18 3/4 x 2 3/16 
WAVE HEIGHT: 0-4ft waves 

This is a custom shape for an advanced surfer. If your time is scarce and you are willing to spend a bit of time with a shaper to nail your perfect needs and dimensions, a custom shape is a good decision for a dad. 

The most important thing for a dad is getting an all-round shortboard. Beau says "When I get out in the water, I want something that's going to work straight away in any condition and that's what this board does."

Beau's would love to go to Macaronis for Father's Day. He says "It's an amazing wave and the most high-performance wave I've ever been to. This board goes mental on that wave."

If you can't grab a new Warner for your 30-year-old dad, how about a Globe Cruiser Longboard for $229.





THIS BOARD: Step-up 35L x 6'6 x 19 1/4 x 2 3/4
WAVE HEIGHT: Overhead - Double Overhead

Designed for good quality waves, like the Mentawais where Dazza has chosen as his dream Father's Day surf trip.

The Black Beauty is Tom Curren inspired from the '80s. It's a classic and timeless shape.  

Throw a couple of extra litres on for extra paddle power. It's got a nice rounded pin tail to hold in off the bottom. Vee bottom through the tail, gives good control and easy to put on rail. No concave just a vee right the way up. A really nice edge for drawing perfect lines and barrels like on the big, long Indo waves

Can't get dad one of these fine shapes for his next Indo surf trip, how about the Perfect Wave Hooded Towel $59.95




THIS BOARD: 34.7L x 6'1 x 20"  
WAVE HEIGHT: 2-6 feet

Ben Brown's dream surf trip for Father's Day would be to the Maldives.  

What this board lacks in length it makes up in width and thickness for the 50-year-old dad on the hunt for fun yet still a little challenging wave. It has a nice tail, will hold in some powerful waves like 6 foot Cokes. It's also going to go well in 2-3 mush because of the surface area in the front. There's not too much rocker in this board. Tim recommends using the quad setup to get more speed and the strong rail but also test out the feeling of the thruster setup too. 

For a dad in his 50's, you can also pick up the Tom Carroll endorsed SurfEars for $59.95. 




THIS BOARD: 61L x 7'2 x 23 x 3 1/4
WAVE HEIGHT: 2-6 feet

Vance has chosen the river-mouth peak of Balian (a couple of hours north of Canggu) for his dream Father's Day surf trip. 

An amazing board made with Timbertech technology is light and strong and paddles really well. The shape has been developed in collaboration with Taj Burrow's dad, also named Vance, to balance fun and performance.

Baliana gets powerful, it's a wave magnet so you need the volume to get on the waves early. 

This board comes with the 5/4/3 fin set up so you can make any adjustments for a multitude of waves. 

For surfing dad's in their 60's you've got to get dad a Creatures of Leisure surf hat for just $39.95 

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