Surf, Spirit and Adventure in Morocco

Surf, Spirit and Adventure in Morocco

From 14 to 21 November, ten very lucky people took part in the first Surf & Balance Retreat at the luxurious, relaxing beachfront Robinson Club in Agadir, Morocco.



robinson beach club morocco




Organized and run by Lars Bornhöft, Global Operations Director at The Perfect Wave, the retreat was meant to help guests connect with themselves, their bodies and the ocean, while leaving the stress of the outside world and their day-to-day lives behind them for a week of fun, fitness and surfing.


Great waves and personal experiences were had by everyone involved.




After a healthy start at the breakfast buffet Lars and his wife Tania would lead the group through a 2 to 3 hour morning session including a series of warm-up exercises and stretching before heading off to whichever break offered the best conditions for a bit of fun in the surf.





After working up an appetite everyone would enjoy a mid-day meal at the lunch buffet or the Bistro line with plenty of surf talk and some surfing theory explained at the table.


robinson beach club morocco

robinson beach club morocco


Afternoons were dedicated to yoga, Swiss Ball and Blackroll Ball training sessions. One afternoon the entire group took a guided tour to get a taste of the local culture and see the sights in the town of Agadir.




Every evening Lars, Tania and their guests would enjoy the sunset with drinks on the terrace before sitting down to a lovely dinner from the Moroccan buffet at the main restaurant.



robinson beach club morocco

robinson beach club morocco


It was a very eclectic selection of surfers who participated in the retreat, couples and singles ranging in age from 30 to 60, including a former winner of the Champions League in professional women’s football. Every last person had a trip of a lifetime.


robinson beach club morocco


Lars Bornhöft was very content with the vibe and overall result of the first Surf & Balance Retreat: “It was a week of harmony with amazing conditions for beginners and intermediates. We all had a great time and started new friendships. After two days immersed in the world of surfing, everyone was completely focused on the waves, tides, winds, their body and the next surf.”


robinson beach club morocco


The next Surf & Balance Retreat is already planned from February 6-13, 2018.



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